Trees for Travel

May 12 2015

Trees for Travel

“To make up for the world’s loss of trees in the past decade, we need to plant about 14 billion trees every year for 10 years in a row.” UNEP. In South Africa, we need to plant trees as we are part of the global problem. We also need to address disparity – there is a huge divide between ‘leafy’ privileged and ‘barren’ under-privileged areas. Without a culture of planting trees in under-greened areas, environmental and social challenges are exacerbated.


What we do?
Greenpop plants trees and invites everyone to join the treevolution, see inspiration instead of gloom in the green space and get active (not anxious) about our future. We pride ourselves in making green living fun, sharing valuable education, monitoring our trees and bringing people together to (re)connect.


Why it counts?
We live in built environments and it’s easy to lose touch with the fact that we live on earth and it sustains us. We are nature! Getting our hands into the soil reconnects us. Tree planting has benefits that reach far beyond carbon sequestration – different cultures, races and ages come together to do something that benefits all.




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