Ngaga Camp

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Ngaga Camp is an intimate six-unit lodge secreted within a glade in the primary forest above the Ngaga Stream and within the home ranges of several lowland gorilla groups.

Like Lango Camp, the six guest rooms are styled on traditional Ba’Kola architecture and use natural materials that blend into the forest environment. The slope down to the Ngaga Stream and the three- to four-metre high decking give each room a view right into the forest canopy and the passing bird and squirrel life.

Walkways lead through dense marantaceae vegetation to the central main area, which is sited at the crest of the glade looking into and above the rainforest, while a separate deck is located at a natural swimming spot on the Ngaga Stream below camp.

The principal activity at Ngaga Camp is the tracking on foot of habituated western lowland gorillas. These excursions are led by a guide and skilled local tracker who are able to follow signs on the forest floor, which lead them to the chosen gorilla group for the day. Birding and night walks are possible in search of various nocturnal species as well as some spectacular forest birds.



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Ngaga Camp
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Ngaga Camp
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Ngaga Camp
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Ngaga Camp

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    Ngaga Camp