Mumbo Island Camp

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Mumbo is a pristine island in Lake Malawi National Park which, with its crystal clear waters and innumerable species of cichlid fish, offers some of the best freshwater scuba diving in the world and the best snorkelling on the Lake.

The island lies 10km north-west of Cape Maclear, where reception and the nearest point of road access is located. The camp comprises five units (two twin tents and three twin reed chalets) perched on rocks high above the water shaded by lush foliage, each with bucket showers, ‘eco-loos’ and wooden deck. A hammock provides a comfortable spot to take in the idyllic Lake view. A twin-tented family unit is tucked into the forest near the main beach. There is a dining area, bar and watersport gazebo of timber and thatch.

Activities here vary from lazing in a hammock to snorkelling, diving, swimming, kayaking, walking and birdwatching. Guests have the option of boating or paddling to explore the granitic islands of the Lake.



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Mumbo Island Camp
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Mumbo Island Camp
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Mumbo Island Camp
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Mumbo Island Camp

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    Mumbo Island Camp