Desroches Private Island

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  • piclarge588dibwa 165 looking out_2 (MLP)
  • piclarge598dibwa 164 looking out_1 (MLP)
  • piclarge628dibwa bedroom suite facade_1 (MLP)
  • piclarge638dibwa bedroom suite_1 (MLP)
  • piclarge658dibwa dining room_1 (MLP)
  • piclarge718dibwa lounge_2 (MLP)
  • piclarge748dibwa pool facade_1 (MLP)
  • piclarge758dibwa retreat facade_1 (MLP)
  • piclarge788dibwa suite bathroom_1 (MLP)
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  • piclarge808dibwa view from side patio (MLP)
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The advent of civilisation can often disturb the allure and simplicity of paradise. To delight in ultimate luxury there usually has to be sacrifice. But what if we want it all . . . to experience an untouched natural sanctuary on an island in the far reaches of the Indian Ocean, without leaving behind the sophistication that modern life has to offer . . .

Private Desroches Island is a luxurious Seychelles Resort in the Amirante Archipelago, considered to be of the most pristine and untouched islands still around today. The naturally inspired and tastefully modern Beach Retreats and Exclusive Villas provide the epitome in luxury and opulent indulgence.

Blessed with one of the world’s healthiest climates, and miles of unblemished beaches, Desroches Island is a refuge for romance, adventure and pampered relaxation.



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Desroches Private Island
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Desroches Private Island
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Desroches Private Island
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Desroches Private Island

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    Desroches Private Island