Casa Andina Classic Chachapoyas

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  • Casa Andina Classic Chachapoyas
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The Achamaqui Estate, now Casa Andina Classic – Chachapoyas, still has traces of important historical value of the Chachapoya Culture. The original mansion was built in the first half of the seventeenth century, next to the Utcubamba river, and it is surrounded by trees. The hacienda is remembered for its celebration of the “Virgen de Asunta” (our Lady of Assumption), and because it served as a refuge for religious retreats.

It was also known for growing sugar cane on its property and for producing its own raw materials for its very own cane spirit, molasses, huarapo (juice or raw sugar cane), and alfañiques (a type of candy) in its sugar mill. After a couple of years of neglect, the estate has been refurbished and it is now part of the Casa Andina hotel chain. Casa Andina Classic – Chachapoyas a key to one of the company’s objectives: to develop tourism in Peru’s nontraditional destinies.

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Casa Andina Classic Chachapoyas
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Casa Andina Classic Chachapoyas
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Casa Andina Classic Chachapoyas
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Casa Andina Classic Chachapoyas

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    Casa Andina Classic Chachapoyas