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Set in an exclusive private concession deep in the heart of Maasai land in the game-rich northeastern Serengeti, Klein’s Camp reflects the spirit of wild Africa with a vintage safari style. Perched on the edge of the Kuka Hills, ten cottages with whitewashed walls and rich wooden floors overlook the valleys below. The stone interiors of the guest areas open up to breathtaking panoramas and deep leather armchairs invite you to while away the midday hours. In the evening, gather around blazing fireplaces to share the day’s adventures.



Set on a private concession on the northern border of the Serengeti National Park, andBeyond Klein’s Camp offers the opportunity to experience night drives and go off-roading in search of intimate wildlife encounters in open safari vehicles with a canvas canopy. Because they are conducted in a private concession, game drives do not encounter vehicles other than those from Klein’s, allowing the rare luxury of relatively private animal sightings while benefitting from the wildlife riches of the neighbouring Serengeti. The camp overlooks a popular route used by the herds of the Great Migration when moving between north and south so that, twice a year, the valley below are filled with a jostling throng of zebra and wildebeest. However, this wildlife-rich are delights at any time of year and the Klein’s concession is famous for its enormous prides of lion, as well as some of the best leopard viewing in Tanzania.



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